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Haas Siebo 5000

Siebo 5000

Excellent screening of a wide range of materials.

Even the standard version of the Siebo 5000 is packed with many options and features. The machine can be customised according to your specific needs. For example with coarse material separator, magnetic drums, etc. Turn your 2-fraction drum screening machine easily into a 5-fraction machine!

The rotating screening drum is able to screen the most difficult materials. The machine reliably screens household and industrial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, bulk materials or excavated earth, the load-dependent controlled material feed ensures the best possible usage of the large screening area. The screening drum, which is quietly driven by a grip belt and chain, can be replaced very easily.

Due to the hydraulically foldable discharge belts, the drum screen is ready for operation in less than 5 minutes. The hydraulically tiltable brush, which is a standard feature, cleans the screening drum automatically. If the screening machine has to be moved, a foldable slip-on adapter shoe for the drawbar is available for the models fitted on central axle trailers.



Volume6 m³
Feeding height2.820 mm
Feeding width4.000 mm
Screening drum
Drum lenght4.550 mm
Drum diameter2.000 mm
Power55 kW / 75 PS (at 2200 rpm)
Emission classEU Stage 5 EPA Tier 4 final
Overs conveyor belts
Lenght5500 mm
Width1000 mm
Discharge height (30°)3500 mm
Fines conveyor belt
Lenght (one-piece)7200 mm
Width1000 mm
Discharge height (30°)3500 mm
Dimensions 2-axle trailer
Total weight16000 kg
Machine length14900 mm
Machine width6800 mm
Machine height4000 mm
Transport length11000 mm
Transport width2550 mm
Transport height4000 mm