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Haas Alva

Mobile electric starscreen Alva

The ALVA starscreen reliably separates two fractions. The  highlight is the integrated screw conveyor for collecting and discharging the fine fraction. The material is transported to the discharge conveyor by the screw conveyor.

The oversize material is discharged from the screen deck via a funnel-shaped chute onto the return conveyor. This can be pivoted by 200 degrees. With a discharge height of up to 5 metres, the oversize material can be automatically fed back into the shredder or optionally discharged as a second finished fraction.

ALVA is compact and impresses with an outstanding screening capacity (200 m3/h). The assembly on a hook-lift frame provides flexibility. The electric drive and the wear[1]resistant, screw conveyor guarante maximum efficiency

Haas Alva 3


Infeed bunker


2 m³

Feeding height

2.700 mm

Feeding width

1.820 mm


Electricly driven, external power supply required.

Total dimensions

Total weight

14.500 kg

Machine length

9.980 mm

Machine width

10.230 mm

Machine height

4.515/4.915* mm

Transport length

8.390 mm

Transport width

2.460 mm

Transport height

2.660 mm

* With/without hydraulic support-legs

Screen desk


5.850 mm


1.280 mm

Discharge conveyor fines

Lenght (one-piece)

5.600 mm


1.000 mm

Discharge height (35°)

2.760/3.160* mm

Discharge conveyor oversize


7.650 mm


1.000 mm

Discharge height (35°)

4.515/4.915* mm