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The chipper for every case

The chipper for every case

Highest chipping quality, low maintenance and operating costs as well as a compact construction: that is what the SMC-812 woodchipper by the traditional Swiss company WÜST stands for. This latest chipper allrounder from the new ALBACH Partner fully convinces with the highest chipping performance and versatility of use on the market.

The Emmental cheese with its many holes is world-famous. But the beautiful valley has even more to offer than its cheese: Highest quality in wood chipping. The Swiss chipper manufacturer WÜST with its head office in Eggiwil – a small town in the Emmental valley – offers the most ideal solutions in chipping, timber transport vehicles and special vehicle constructions since 1977. Their chippers stand for a long service life, low maintenance costs and highest chipping quality with a low share of fine material. In 2019, WÜST started a cooperation with the German chipper manufacturer ALBACH Maschinenbau in the sectors of vehicle construction, sales and service. This partnership combines the different experiences of both companies. Thus, their national and international customers highly benefit from the further development of our machines.

The most versatile allrounder

Now, the Swiss traditional chipping manufacturer launches their next high-quality and -performance product to the international market. The SMC-812 chipper unit represents the greatest chipping performance, paired with a diverse range of uses and a compact structure. Whether you are chipping coarse trunk wood or bulky branches and treetop material, even hardwood of up to 80 cm is no problem. Thanks to the cutting length adjustment and a large two-part screen, you can produce neatly calibrated chippings in the desired quality at any time. The low-maintenance structure ensures a quick replacement of the cutters and screen base. The operator’s work is made easier by the hydraulic maintenance platform and a crane for replacing the screen.

Wuest SMC812 1
Wuest SMC812 2

The infeed is 800 mm in height, 1200 mm wide, has two bottom feeder rollers and a large upper feeder roller with replaceable cutters. The infeed table is equipped with folding side walls to save space. Moreover, the SMC-812 has a rotor with a 200 mm cutter system, fitted with a depth limiter for variable cutting lengths of 15 – 45 mm and a large two-part screen, for the maximum throughput of the best quality. The hydraulic accelerator attached to the center of the vehicle allows the operator to load from the back and the front. The long, foldable spout allows chips to be blown precisely even under low profile doors and openings.

Finally, the chipper has a modified motor and charge air cooling unit, and separate cooling units for the hydraulics, gears and air-conditioning system so that the exhaust air can always be discharged reliably.
Engine cooling radiators are equipped with pressured air nozzles for make clean and better cooling in dusty environment. Hydraulic cooling radiators have reverse function for clean out dust automatically.

Wuest SMC812 3
Wuest SMC812 4


Infeed size

120 cm x 80 cm

Cutting length (adjustable)

15 mm – 45 mm

Cutter/blade system

6 pcs, 200 mm

Rotor diameter

950 mm

Drive power

540 hp


approx. 300 LCM

Swiss quality paired with Swedish excellency

For the SMC-812, WÜST partners up with the Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo. The new chipper is combined with a Volvo FMX (6×4 or 6×6) with 540 hp. The Volvo cab offers a spacious workspace with a high degree of visibility. To control the machine, there is a large touch-screen tablet with autodidactic menu navigation available. The chipper can be moved from the operators’ chair. Additionally, the cabin can be fitted with sleeping accommodation as an additional option.

Wuest SMC812 5

As you can see in the video below, the Swiss quality woodchipper paired with the Swedish excellency in vehicle construction impresses in every aspect and for every case. Thanks to the long-term experience of WÜST, they can offer you excellent advice and individual solutions for log superstructures, trailers for wood transport, crane superstructures in general and trailer construction.