Motor grabs

PEINER Motor Dual Scoop Grab | MZG/MZGL

  • The motor dual scoop grabs are used with single-rope cranes and require a power supply from the crane.
    Their Advantages:
  • Output-controlled hydraulic pumps ensure efficient conversion of the supplied electric power into handling performance.
  • Having high closing forces, MZG and MZGL grab types reach an optimum filling degree.
  • Integrated in the crane control system, the grab control system can be operated from the crane operator cabin.

PEINER Motor Orange Peel Grab | MMG/MMGL

  • Proven grab design for economic scrap handling
  • First choice for use in incinerator plants
  • Equipped with individually driven jaws, motor orange-peel grabs adapt themselves individually to the handled material. Their optimum working height, low center of gravity and robust design make MMG/MMGL grabs versatile, all-purpose devices. Three product series cover the large variety of applications.

PEINER Motor Rectangular Grab | MMRG

This grab type, with a handling capacity 4 times higher than that of conventional orange-peel grabs, has been developed especially for unloading railway waggons and trucks. In addition to the individually driven jaws, the MMRG is equipped with two front-side hydraulic rams to optimize the filling performance and to reduce material loss due to trickling.

PEINER Motor Timber Grab | MHG/MBG/MBGS

Motor timber grabs are used to handle round timber, individual logs (including exotic timber) or bundles under different conditions. They are available with tong cross sections up to 8.5 m².