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DYNASET – Powered by Hydraulics
Dynaset is the global leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors. Dynaset hydraulic equipment converts the mobile machine’s hydraulic power into electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet and vibration. Company’s products are used for hundreds applications in various industries all around the world.

Innovative technology
Dynaset technology increases the productivity of mobile machinery from small vehicles to heavy machines. The company has experience of all hydraulic systems and expertise of integration with different machine brands. Company’s technology is based on utilizing a machine’s hydraulic system as the power source. The hydraulic equipment operates without secondary engines, scheduled maintenance and emissions – making Dynaset also the most ecological choice.

Highest quality
Dynaset products are manufactured by skilled personnel in Finland. Highest quality in design and manufacturing, selected subcontractors and parts guarantee the most compact, reliable and powerful hydraulic equipment. The best power-to-size ratio ensures the easiest installation on all mobile machines. All the Dynaset equipment is individually tested and adjusted for the customer.


Dynaset HG10

HG Hydraulic generator

A hydraulic generator transforms the hydraulic power of a working machine into high quality electricity with great efficiency. The electricity is suitable for all electric equipment from small devices to heavy work tools.

Dynaset HGV Truck

HGV Variable hydraulic generator

The variable generator system (HGV) is designed for vehicles such as vans, trucks and boats to produce high quality electricity. The HGV system is available in wide power range, starting from 3,5kVA. The system is a complete solution that is also suitable for carrier machines without an existing hydraulic system.

Dynaset 37

HWG Hydraulic welder

Dynaset hydraulic welding generator transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine into electricity – for welding or external devices.

Dynaset 38

HGG Hydraulic ground power generator

Power to the planes

High pressure water

Dynaset 39

De-Icing Technology

Cost effective modules for spraying de-icer – removes ice and prevents icing

Dynaset 40

HPW Hydraulic high pressure pump

The Dynaset HPW hydraulic high pressure water pump transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into high pressure water power. Because of high pressure, the pump gives great water power with a small amount of water. To ease up the use of the pump; pump is self-sucking, requiring no feeding pressure.

Dynaset 41

HSP Hydraulic submersible pump

Dynaset HSP- hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for fast and efficient pumping of water and other liquids. Thanks to wear-resistant material of the volute and impeller, submersible pumps are the perfect choice for pumping liquids containing solids.

Dynaset 42

HPW-DUST High pressure dust suppression system

Work site dust emission control – with no mess

Dynaset 43

KPL High pressure street washing unit

Deep clean surfaces quickly, simply and low water consumption.

Dynaset 44

JPL High pressure waste bin washing system

High pressure waste bin washing robot makes it easy clean waste bins during normal waste collection.

Dynaset 45

PPL High pressure pipe cleaning unit

Easy & Powerful pipe cleaning with high pressure water

Dynaset 46

HDF Hydraulic drilling fluid pump

Hydraulic drilling fluid pump is designed to highest performance in all kinds of drilling duties.

Dynaset 47

HPW-FIRE High pressure fire fighting system

The Dynaset High Pressure Water Fire Fighting system develops required water pressure, of over 120 bars, which minimizes the drop size under 160 µm producing thick water spray or even extinguishing fog.

Compressed air

Dynaset 48

HK Hydraulic compressor

Top Quality Compressed Air always with the work machine.


Dynaset 49

HMG Hydraulic magnet generator

DYNASET HMG PRO Hydraulic Magnet Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into magnet power. It is designed for all lift magnets in mobile use. HMG PRO has the world’s fastest demagnetizing time 0,8 seconds releasing the collected material lightning fast.

Dynaset 50

HMAG Hydraulic magnet

Reliable and easy magnetic lifting with any machine.


Dynaset 51

HVB Hydraulic vibra pump & HVD Directional Vibra

Digging made easy

Dynaset 52

HHK Hydraulic grinder

Stay Sharp – Always, Anywhere

Dynaset 53

HV Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic pulling power for all needs

Dynaset 54

HPT Hydraulic power units

Hydraulic Power for All Use, Anywhere