Special-purpose grabs

Special-purpose grabs

Special-purpose grabs 1

PEINER Underwater Rope Grab | USG

  • Extraction of sand and gravel under water at dredging depths up to 150m for two- or four-rope dredgers used for river and sea dredging purposes.
  • The underwater rope grabs are designed to suit the ground conditions (weight, rope reeving, tooth tips).
Special-purpose grabs 2

Trimmer Grab

  • Dual-scoop motor grab or dual-scoop four-rope grab design available
  • High closing forces make them especially suitable for materials that are hard to capture
Special-purpose grabs 3

Stone Grab

Special-purpose grabs 4

Sugar Cane Grab

Special-purpose grabs 5

Coil Hook

Slewing units

Slewing units

Slewing units 6
  • Slewing units are used to rotate and position loads, such as containers, pallets, logs, packaged goods and, of course, grabs.
  • Nowadays, a PEINER slewing unit forms part of the basic equipment of almost every harbour mobile crane, but it is also used on stationary cargo cranes and deck cranes.
  • The original electro-mechanical units with lifting capacities of 5-32 tons are now being supplemented by electro-hydraulic units. Today, they feature lifting capacities of 200 tons and more.

Hydraulic grabs

Hydraulic grabs

Hydraulic grabs 7

PEINER Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab | HMG

The robust hydraulic orange-peel grabs are perfectly suited to handle scrap, waste, rocks or recycling material. The individually driven tines, that feature either an open, semi-open ore closed design, adapt perfectly to the material to be handled. The basic units are also available with different additional collision protection devices to withstand external impacts.

Hydraulic grabs 8

PEINER Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab | HZG

The hydraulic dual-scoop grab suits any mobile excavator. Such grabs are available with one-piece traverse, with locking pin system or with flange-on system to ensure quick replacement of the shells. The robust large-volume bulk grabs, that are suitable for any type of handling appliance, are ideal attachments for a large variety of applications such as ship loading and unloading.

Hydraulic grabs 9

PEINER Hydraulic Timber Grab | HHG

  • The tightly clamping devices of this product series feature an increased slewing angle to enable one single grab to capture individual logs for example from corners of wagons as well as to hold to individual logs with small diameters securely.
  • Timber grabs with integrated leaf chain for bulk handling, e. g. in sawmills, complete the vast grab range.
Hydraulic grabs 10

PEINER Hydraulic Hook Traverse | HHT

For handling and positioning of timber packages

Rope grabs

Rope grabs

Rope grabs 11

PEINER Radio Controlled Single Rope Grab | EGF

  • The perfect supplement to any general cargo crane
  • Whether actuated by remote control or pull cable, the opening process can be interrupted and continued several times in order to ensure bulk material is unloaded in a controlled manner and with reduced dust emission.
  • Easy handling without any special accessories
  • No additional staff is needed to open the grab by means of remote control. High-power rechargeable batteries with high charging capacity ensure dependable, constant use
  • Optional dust guard ensuring environmental protection when handling fine-grained bulk goods
  • Various lip designs available to match your goods to be handled
Rope grabs 12

PEINER Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab | VSG

  • These grabs owe their name from the two holding and two closing ropes coming from the crane. An optimum balance between dead weight and crane capacity provides maximum efficiency with low maintenance effort.
  • Optional dust covers improve environmental protection when handling fine-grained bulk goods.
  • Various lip designs are available to match your goods.
Rope grabs 13

PEINER Four Rope Orange Peel Grab | VMG

  • These grabs are robust and powerful, require very low maintenance and have an extremly long service life. The perfect deadweight/grab capacity ratio ensures the grab penetrates the the bulk material easily.
  • The VMG grab type is ideal for use in incinerator plants and for scrap handling
Rope grabs 14

PEINER Scissor Grab | SCG

  • Based on the scissor principle and only double reeving of closing ropes, this grab is ideal for quick and efficient ship unloading.
  • A low center of gravity prevents the grab from overturning unintentionally.

Motor grabs

Motor grabs

Motor grabs 15

PEINER Motor Dual Scoop Grab | MZG/MZGL

  • The motor dual scoop grabs are used with single-rope cranes and require a power supply from the crane.
    Their Advantages:
  • Output-controlled hydraulic pumps ensure efficient conversion of the supplied electric power into handling performance.
  • Having high closing forces, MZG and MZGL grab types reach an optimum filling degree.
  • Integrated in the crane control system, the grab control system can be operated from the crane operator cabin.
Motor grabs 16

PEINER Motor Orange Peel Grab | MMG/MMGL

  • Proven grab design for economic scrap handling
  • First choice for use in incinerator plants
  • Equipped with individually driven jaws, motor orange-peel grabs adapt themselves individually to the handled material. Their optimum working height, low center of gravity and robust design make MMG/MMGL grabs versatile, all-purpose devices. Three product series cover the large variety of applications.
Motor grabs 17

PEINER Motor Rectangular Grab | MMRG

This grab type, with a handling capacity 4 times higher than that of conventional orange-peel grabs, has been developed especially for unloading railway waggons and trucks. In addition to the individually driven jaws, the MMRG is equipped with two front-side hydraulic rams to optimize the filling performance and to reduce material loss due to trickling.

Motor grabs 18

PEINER Motor Timber Grab | MHG/MBG/MBGS

Motor timber grabs are used to handle round timber, individual logs (including exotic timber) or bundles under different conditions. They are available with tong cross sections up to 8.5 m².