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ScanBalt Crane OÜ

ScanBalt Crane OÜ is an enterprise founded in 2000 that sells, leases out and provides maintenance for material handling machines, cranes and their additional devices. During the years of its existence, the company has sold a substantial amount of material handling machines and devices in its sales region.

The geographical sales areas of ScanBalt Crane OÜ are the Baltic States. The headquarters of the enterprise are located in Tallinn while its sales representations and maintenance points cover all the Baltic States.

Key indicators of ScanBalt Crane OÜ:
employs 10 persons;
owns and leases out to its clients hydraulic material handling machines;
owns mobile machine maintenance and repair units in the Baltic States.

Represented trademarks:
Hydraulic material handling machines, telescopic, port cranes from SENNEBOGEN.
Mobile wood chipper from ALBACH.
Mobile wood chipper from WÜST
Wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, articulated backhoe loaders (UMAK), and telescopic loaders from VF VENIERI.
Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical grabs, scoops, loader grapples, etc., from SMAG PEINER.
Hydraulic and mechanical grabs. scoops and other metal products from EXPERT BALTIC OÜ
Hydraulic equipments like generators, power washers and air compressors from DYNASET.
Camera monitor systems for mobile applications MOTEC.

Palgard Crane Group

is a group of enterprises rendering loading, unloading, transportation and warehousing services that has evolved from the Swedish enterprise PÅLGÅRD & SÖNER KRAN AB, founded in 1972. This is a family company and its traditions date back to 1957 when the chief founding member of the enterprise began rendering the corresponding services in the Swedish logistics market. The experience that spans over 48 years is the key that has enabled the company to render loading and unloading services offering quality, speed and the best solutions and to successfully expand into the neighboring countries.

Palgard Crane Group is operating in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The group comprises the following enterprises: 
Palgardi Kraana OÜ – rendering loading and unloading services in Estonia;
Palgarda Krâni SIA – rendering loading and unloading services in Latvia;
Palgardo Kranai UAB – rendering loading and unloading services in Lithuania
ScanBalt Crane OÜ – sales, rent and service of hydraulic loading machines in the Baltic states ;
Expert Baltic OÜ – manufacturing loading equipment and metal constructions in Estonia;
PK Terminal OÜ – warehousing and transport services in Estonia;
Pålgård & Söner, Kran AB – rendering loading and unloading services in Sweden;
Pålgårds Akeri AB – paper, round timber, chopped firewood and carriage of special goods in Sweden;
ScanBalt Crane AB – sales, rent and service of hydraulic loading machines in Sweden.